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P3M and Cyber Resilience Consultancy & Interim Service Provider

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APC & Associates undertakes every aspect of the Cyber Resilience and P3M (Project, Programme, Portfolio Management), Risk Management, PMO consultancy and interim services, specialising in security cleared professionals holding both SC and DV.

APC & Associates Ltd staff and associate contractors are experienced in delivering aerospace, cyber security, maritime, telecommunications, software, retail and facilities P3M requirements. Experienced in full delivery life cycle at all levels and tailoring of methodologies and controls to complex working environments.

No matter the industry sector or the experience required, APC & Associates prides itself on supplying the right professional to get the job done. If you think we can help you please get in contact today.

- Looking for a security cleared professional, please get in touch via the contact page

- Want to become an associate, please get in contact via the associate’s page

- Current contract and staff vacancies via the "Vacancies" page

Top 5 business benefits of a Programme Office

  • Align the portfolio of projects with an eye toward future strategy
  • Deliver programmes on-time, within budget and according to scope
  • Understand the linkages and dependencies between various projects in the portfolio
  • Improve communication within the programme team among all stakeholders
  • Increase the awareness of the value of the PMO and PPM processes.