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Customer Testimonials

Army HQ -

"As we approach the end of PSF Phase 1 I thought it right to pass on my most heartfelt thanks for the work that you have all done. I had no doubt when we cooked up the idea of getting a PSF team in that it would be a hard job, filled with friction and fuelled by a desire to maintain the status quo. I was also a little concerned that the military’s ability to be blunt, over punctuate the environment with rich language and pick a fight for the sport of it would make your job difficult, if not impossible. How wrong was I. In all of our stock takes to date the stand out fact was that the programme teams cannot survive without their PSFs – you. SROs have publically declared that they cannot deliver programmes without effective PSF support – that is also you. This dramatic organisational swing in opinion and behaviour has not happened because of anything I have done, it is again all down to you.

Big wins do not happen without detailed daily engagement, steadily making things better. If this were a marathon then there were probably about 60,000 individual steps that needed to be taken. Whilst I may well have been cheering you on at the start and finish it is you that have completed those hard yards, done the work and covered the distance.

At the start I described you as my “insurgents” in the CDs winning the hearts and minds of the people. As with every insurgency declaring success is often difficult because there is always more to do. This is apparent in the Phase 1b contract and the planned phase 2 follow on. However, and it is a big however, you have made a monumental difference in the way we think and work. The fact that I can now have an informed debate with the CDs (and others) over the points of principle demonstrates to me how far we have come in a short time.

For what you have done in the last 6 months thank you very much indeed."

- Col SJ , Army HQ